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Bacon Labs

Who doesn’t love Bacon? We certainly do! And lucky for us, we’re bringing home the bacon for the next few months… literally! We’ve been working in secret on a video campaign for Big Bacon (aka the National Pork Producer’s Council) spanning four months and including the creation of 32 bacon themed videos.

That’s a lot of delicious news to swallow – and, while we’ll be posting quite a bit more about it in the future, here are a few videos we can’t wait to share.

Creative director: Jacob Reed
Director: Nic Stanich
Writer: Eric Cunningham
Starring: Mike McLendon, Dave Theune
DP: Andrew Knapp
AC: David Kirkeby
Gaffer: Paul Cannon
Sound: Neil Kimball
Make up: Veronica Rodarte
Production Design: Lauren Burge
Editor: Stephen Pearlstein
VFX: Dustin Bowser
Set PAs: Ian Ricket, Scott Christopher